Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hannah Montana The Movie

Happy 20th anniversary to my parents *clap clap*

Today is outing day with my siblings, and I promised them to watch a Hannah Montana The Movie. Well atfirst, I was like "what?" after I heard Hannah Montana but what the heck, why not.

After watching the movie, I cant stop smiling because of the hero. Not Miley Cyrus, but her partner. OH MY GOD! He's so damn hot. I keep telling to my sister "handsome nyaaaaaaa" over and over again. I love the way he ride his horse. So jantan. I imagine that he was my babyboy.

Seriously, he's totally charming. Well, until now I keep thinking about him. Am I mad?

The movie is ok but not that 5 star movie that am expected. But its cool (I think because of him) *wink*

Is he adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Well, right now there is two things in my mind

1) Call loverboy to make sure that he really ok

2) I want to pee


RUSH said...

mcm best jerk crita nih.!!

Payung said...

Boleh tahan lah Rush. Tak adalah best gila

The way i are said...

Love Hannah Montana..

Milli Vanillo said...

boleh boleh :)