Friday, June 5, 2009


I just watched Twilight for the first time. Some of my friends said the movie was not that great, the only attraction is the actor. Now I know why every girl likes him. Well, for now am one of them.

Handsome nak mati.

Now I want my boyfriend to be a vampire. Boleh baby? Cepat suruh vampire gigit you.

He's hot. Way hot than hero in Hannah Montana The Movie. I guess, I can sleep well if I dreaming about this hot hunk.

Twilight is not that wow factor for me. Its more to loyalty and romance movie. Theres not much of an action. the vampire is not that creapy. Its only about how protective the hero and how much he care about the girl. Thats cute.

I hope this coming New Moon will be more action.

Well, Harry Potter is more better than Twilight. Am a fan of Harry Potter. Harry, you dont worry. Your fan still waiting for your next movie. Love

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